EAIGLE is an end-to-end AI platform designed to help enterprises in the logistics, supply chain, and retail sectors address loss prevention and physical security issues. Our innovative solutions leverage the power of AI and vision data to provide real-time curated alerts, operational insights, and automation, all aimed at helping retailers identify potential breaches and inefficiencies in their operations. 

Through our solutions, hundreds of stores and distribution centers across the US and Canada have been able to save millions of dollars in annual fines and losses, ultimately improving their bottom line.

One of the biggest challenges retailers face today is managing physical security and resource utilization. Security breaches can result in significant losses from theft or damage to property, while Inefficient use of resources can lead to higher costs associated with maintenance and energy consumption. By providing real-time alerts and insights, our AI-powered platform allows retailers to identify and address these issues before they become significant problems.

Our solutions work seamlessly with existing hardware, such as security cameras and thermal or radar sensors, making it easy for retailers to integrate our platform into their existing infrastructure. Our AI can analyze the data captured by these devices to automate operations, identify potential issues and provide recommendations for addressing them. 

Our platform is designed to be highly flexible, allowing retailers to customize it to their specific needs. We understand that every business is unique, and work closely with our clients to develop solutions that meet their specific requirements.