Kandor Management Corp stands as Canada’s first all-in-one facility services provider, offering security guarding, systems integration, and janitorial services. Our deep industry insight empowers us to deliver advanced, tailored solutions for retailers of any scale. Beyond ensuring exceptional customer service and operational excellence, we provide peace of mind—assuring retailers that they’re receiving top-notch care. 

Our partnership between Guardteck Security and Gteck Advanced Technology allows us to see security from every angle. As security guards, we function as end-users of security systems, enabling us to offer unique consultations and solutions that others might overlook. You could say that we have no blind spots.

As members of Retail Secure, we’re thrilled about the chance to spotlight our mission and commitment as an organization. For us, security transcends being a mere service; it’s a chance to bring communities together for a greater good. Let’s connect! There’s so much more we’re eager to share about the Kandor advantage.