Mr. Craig Greenberg is the Senior Vice President of Sales for Gatekeeper Systems, a global leader in loss prevention technology where he has been an executive team member for the last 20 years. He started his career in retail operations with American Stores where he cultivated an understanding of the day-to-day challenges and opportunities within retail environments. Before joining Gatekeeper Systems, Craig was introduced to the San Diego startup, Carttronics, and while there he successfully partnered with several retailers to adopt their cart loss prevention technology. In 2004, Craig transitioned to Gatekeeper Systems Inc., where he has focused on collaborating with key retail leaders to apply cart control technology to solving the fast-emerging problem of pushout theft. Craig has been instrumental in deploying Gatekeeper Systems’ cutting-edge solutions to improve safety and mitigate theft and loss while improving operational efficiency and profitability for retail partners around the globe.  

Craig joined the Loss Prevention Magazine’s Solution Partner Board in early 2024. Gatekeeper Systems is also a long-time sponsor of the Loss Prevention Foundation, and an INNOVATE Partner with the Loss Prevention Retail Counsel.