Dr. Larry Barton is considered one of the world’s leading experts on crisis prevention, response and trauma recovery for employees with a specialization in retail. He is Distinguished Professor of Crisis Management and Public Safety at the University of Central Florida.
At the age of 27, Dr. Barton began his career as the youngest person ever appointed to the faculty of Harvard Business School after early research and lecturing on retail theft, assaults in the workplace and organized retail crime. He has published over 50 peer reviewed articles in the law enforcement, legal, human resources and communications disciplines, is the author of five widely adopted textbooks on these issues and he co-authored an article on retail crime and violence in Loss Prevention Magazine that was named Article of the Year.
In private practice today, he serves a 24/7 on call consultant to many of the world’s leading employers on emerging safety awareness programs aimed at lowering employee and customer exposure to violence and theft, including leading retailers in Canada and the US in the apparel, sporting goods, beauty and grocery sectors. He has managed over 3,200 cases of workplace violence, suicide and suicidal attempts, organized crime retaliation and insider threats generated by retail employees and former associates.
Dr. Barton has partnered with law enforcement agencies to transfer the lessons from the private sector to policing since 2006; he is a frequent guest speaker at The FBI Academy and has worked with numerous government agencies in Canada including gaming commissions on identifying and diffusing escalating situations.
During high profile crisis situations, he is a frequent on-air commentator the BBC and CNBC.
More information is available at Wikipedia: larry barton