Ranko, the founder and CEO of Blackbird Security since 2015, is deeply committed to the
company’s success. He is actively involved in overseeing all departments and values education,
leadership, and ethics in his team members. Ranko personally engages in the hiring and
onboarding of managers, ensuring they possess these qualities. He is dedicated to maintaining
high standards of security service delivery and is passionate about tactical security.

One of Ranko’s primary goals is to support his employees effectively. He believes in fostering
strong relationships within the organization, understanding that this is crucial for building strong
client relationships. To prioritize the well-being of his staff, Ranko has brought in healthcare
professionals like physiotherapists and counselors, who not only assist employees directly but
also advise the HR department on health benefits packages.

Ranko’s commitment to employee well-being and strong relationships has helped shape
Blackbird Security’s culture, fostering positivity and enthusiasm among the team. This
philosophy motivates management and staff to deliver the best possible service. Additionally,
Ranko recognizes the importance of ongoing education and is leading by example by pursuing an
MBA at UBC School of Sauder.