Sharon Bauer is the founder of Bamboo Data Consulting, a privacy and security consulting firm. Sharon has been named one of the top 20 women in cybersecurity in Canada. Sharon provides privacy solutions to companies in industries such as technology, marketing, retail, fintech, health and wellness, and education. She develops creative privacy programs and solves hidden privacy challenges for companies that are startups all the way through to multinational corporations. Sharon enables businesses to meet their strategic business goals by using data in a compliant and responsible manner that builds trust with consumers, partners and investors. Sharon acts as a virtual Chief Privacy Officer with the aim of using privacy and trust to protect the business of today and build valuation for tomorrow. Sharon has made a positive impact on many businesses and household brands by implementing Privacy by Design to products that are used by the public at large.

Sharon was a litigator for 10 years and previously worked at KPMG where she worked with companies to embed Privacy by Design into their products, services, and processes. Sharon frequently speaks and publishes on emerging privacy trends and technologies.